This is just a brief post to showcase Keeneland a little bit. For me, when March rolls around and the first warm days start to flow in, it means only one thing.  The countdown to Keeneland’s spring meet is on.  It means even more now that I am lucky enough to work for Coady Photography.  This year, too, my graduation from college is finally almost at hand, and getting to work in a career, doing what I love, is within reach.  So with spring slowly starting to roll in, it signifies quite a few countdowns.

Keeneland, of course, has its own countdown to a milestone achievement this year: hosting their first Breeders’ Cup ever.  For a track that has seen some of the biggest names in horse racing, human and equine, grace its stage – and even hosted a queen – it is another feather in their cap.

In fact, what brought me to Keeneland on this lovely sunny day was to see the recently-arrived Breeders’ Cup statue on their grounds for the first time ever.  As I climbed the stairs to the path that flanks the paddock and walking ring on either side, the statue was positioned straight ahead, a silent mark of things to come.




It was exciting to see. I have spent so many wonderful days at Keeneland, and long before I began working for Coady, it felt like a second home to me, always welcoming and inviting.  I have seen so many thrilling moments here as well, and greatly look forward to their first Breeders’ Cup being yet another cascade of them.



It seemed fitting, too, as I looked ahead to another Keeneland meet and their first Breeders’ Cup that I noticed this sign for the first time ever, right behind the BC statue.  I’ve been going to Keeneland for over a decade now and never even saw this until now.  Gems still wait to be discovered there, just like at their last meet when I discovered parts of the grounds (or more accurately, buildings and rooftop views) I never knew existed, as part of the course of the photographer workday.





I just love the artistry and workmanship of the statue.




I left after my brief visit on a beautiful day.  See you in April, Keeneland, when it all begins again. Always one of the highlights of my year!