My drive to Denali Stud for a late morning appointment to see Serena’s Song was incredibly idyllic and leaving was even more so, reminiscent of how I felt after my very first visit ever to horse farms in the central Kentucky region. Back then, I felt like I was in heaven after having been able to feed a peppermint to Charismatic, who I had previously only seen on television racing, and then drove down a road lined with trees whose branches met overhead, forming a cathedral-like setting.

Serena’s Song looked as amazing as ever. It’s hard to believe she is 26 years old. Her feisty nature and physique don’t betray her age at all. She still appears to be in robust good health and it shows in her temperament and physical condition. I felt quite lucky to see her again, to feed her peppermints and the unexpected bonus of being offered a chance to hold her on the lead rope! It felt like a real privilege and the first time I’ve been offered that opportunity. It was a brief visit – she isn’t patient to stand still long, especially if the peppermints don’t keep coming, but that made it no less wonderful.






A peaceful setting on the way back from Denali