I arrived in Florida the morning of January 25, ahead of the Pegasus World Cup, for my first visit to this track.  I loved the architecture, as seen in one of the photos below, and the picturesque paddock and track.

Race 6


Race 8

The beach house, seen below, was another unique feature of Gulfstream, along with sand spread along the area of the grandstand where it was.


Race 9


Race 10

I mostly focused on the ponies prior to this race, including a sweet moment with a baby feeding one a peppermint. It seemed like a small hometown type feel with the way people interacted with the ponies, including a lot of racegoers that seemed to know them and their riders well. I love seeing that type of connection forged between patrons and the ponies, to find an element of being involved, in a sense, beyond just watching.

Race 11