The morning of April 20th, with pleasant blue skies and spring finally settling in to the Bluegrass region of Kentucky to stay, seemed like a perfect time to take a short drive from Lexington to Frankfort to visit Groupie Doll and her buddy Brass Hat at the Bradleys’ Indian Ridge Farm.  They are quite generous in opening the doors to fans of these horses (with appointments, of course).  Given that Groupie Doll is due to go back into training soon, the time to see her at the farm was growing short.

I had been fortunate enough to see her at Keeneland, also with Brass Hat, before the Breeders’ Cup wins and before her name became widely known.  Yet I still jumped at the chance to see her at the farm, more in her “element.”  It was definitely worth it, to see her and Brass Hat in this setting, where they were free to run and play.  We could have stayed all day to watch them play, scratch their withers, and feed them peppermint nuggets.  They probably would have liked that as well!

But as Groupie Doll will return to Churchill sometime after the Derby, there is the next phase to look forward to, and I wish her and the Bradleys the best of luck with her 2013 campaign.