Rachel Alexandra

Stonestreet’s grand lady was feeling feisty today, romping through her field and playing a bit with her buddies, pensioned mares in their 20s. In spite of Rachel’s dominance on the track, she is not the dominant mare in the pasture.


Rachel Alexandra lives on Stonestreet’s nursery farm year-round, and comes in for lunch when the weanlings do, as they all reside in the same barn. While the routine they follow mostly sees them living outside, coming in for lunch gives Stonestreet staff time to check over each weanling and take a temperature to keep a daily log. The foals have been weaned since my last visit in late July, and all have calmly settled into the routine, which has not varied much from when they were with their dams. They are still with the foals they grew up with, and each stop for a bite of grain outside the pasture gate before going in to their stalls, an incentive to come to the gate instead of be spread all across the pasture.

I got acquainted with Rachel’s Valentina’s colt a bit in the barn once he finished his lunch. As described, he does have quite a calm demeanor. He is buddies in the pasture with Fiftyshadesofhay’s weanling.

Rachel’s Valentina’s colt