Go for Gin the week he turned 29 – the oldest living Derby winner, and looking great!
Flowers for Cigar, who would have turned thirty the same day Go for Gin turned 29 (actually, not just officially). Had to leave him flowers!
A Marwari horse residing near the Horse Park’s Big Barn. Loved to see how his fine breeding was evident in his face, somewhat reminding me of Thoroughbred characteristics, unique ears aside! And while this is a racing blog primarily, wanted to include him since horse interacting have been scarce this year and it is still good to have horse photos on here! And I am grateful the Horse Park still opens thier gates to to visitors, which I didn’t expect, as long as all proper health guidelines are followed, and specific park rules are observed.

War Hazard’s peaceful resting place near her sire Man o’War. A plaque nearby revealed her to have been quite close in looks to Man o’ War.

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