Naturally, when Denali became another farm that opened their doors to visitors after a several month hiatus, I jumped at the chance to visit and also to see Serena’s Song. The visit with her was brief but wonderful. She practically looks ageless, though she had a 28th birthday celebration several months ago with great fanfare, shared virtually for all her admirers that could not attend with personal visit restrictions still in place.

Weanlings and a few babysitter mares in a Denali pasture

During the farm tour, our guide mentioned the farm’s launch was just a few years before Serena’s Song arrived to retire from racing, which I had not realized, and given how her broodmare career was grand like her racing career and that the farm was a fledgling operation when she arrived, it is easy to realize how she did help launch them to what they are today. That point was made in the video of her virtual birthday celebration.

The visit I had with her was one where she was the most mellow I’ve seen her, and she was wonderfully groomed and turned out, and I was in awe to be in her presence. I was so glad to see her again.