It was an idyllic day to visit Gainesway, and see most of their six active stallions. All was quiet and peaceful, as the stallions begin to settle into the lull between breeding seasons. I noted the fairly new stone placed by the fountain to honor Empire Maker, one of my favorite racehorses.

Raging Bull was brought out for the tour group, followed by Tapit.

After seeing those stallions outside, the guide took us through the breeding shed and the barns to see a few other stallions. I was glad to see Afleet Alex again, who was pensioned from breeding this year and is now living the easy life. He will stay at Gainesway for the rest of his days. While he was not the most commercial stallion his whole life, I am still glad he stayed in Kentucky and at one farm. The guide talked about what a good-natured horse he is; that and the way he snatched victory from what seemed like near-certain defeat in the Preakness have always made him stand out to me.

The visit wrapped up at the circular mare and foal barn, which had once been a dairy barn, and where I had never gone before. The guide hoped to show us mares and foals up close but they were all at the far end of the pasture, the lure of the grass there apparently too strong!

It was an enjoyable visit.